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Promitheas Energy Group undertakes the full development cycle of each project up to the stage of energization, where all Permits and Licenses required to construct and operate the power plants will be in place.

Our development process begins with the identification of suitable and optimal sites, selected upon conduction of feasibility studies which will determine their high-potential before concluding to an agreement with the respective landowners.

Land securing is followed by a series of opinions from licensing authorities, ensuring that all required permits, certificates and approvals necessary to apply for the Grid Connection Agreement are complete and accurate.

Grid Connection Offer results in the issuance of the relevant Building Permit by the Urban Planning authorities followed by the preparation for the Grid Connection Agreement and the execution of the adequate PPA.

Our portfolio is being constantly expanded and continuous progress is being made in the individual development steps.

Every project undertaken by Promitheas Energy Group, is followed by a comprehensive maintenance plan including:

  • 01Remote monitoring of the PV plant
  • 02Regular maintenance of the PV plant
  • 03Emergency maintenance services
  • 04Regular inspection of the PV plant

Utilizing exclusive partnerships for each customer and using high end technology and on spot visits, we make sure that each project is safely monitored on a daily basis. This way we achieve malfunction reduction and “dead” production times elimination, ensuring maximum efficiency which in turn assures a stable investment return. At the same time, progress being part of our corporate philosophy, equipment upgrade processes are carried out, securing the life cycle expansion of each project.

Promitheas Energy SA, aiming at its rapid growth, invests in Renewable Energy Sources by acquiring existing solar power projects in Greece. Our in-house technical and financial evaluation allows us to identify excellent opportunities of early or late-stage development projects, for the realization of guaranteed energy investments.